David M. Neikrug, Chief Executive Officer

David has over 27 years of experience in the employee benefits and human capital sectors with a particular emphasis on strategy, program and plan design, implementation and long term maintenance.

His expertise has been uniquely broadened through in depth work advising both vendors (carriers and service providers) as well as small and large private, public and not for profit employers. His strategies continue to add value to hundreds of organizations and hundreds of thousands of employees.

He has an in depth understanding of systems, and has extensive experience with and technical knowledge of the business processes utilized by many of the vendors across the country. These skills assist the facilitation of various segments in the industry from a practical business approach.

David founded Optimatum Solutions, LLC in 2007 after recognizing a need for strategic vendor management within the HR supply chain. He has previously served in C suite roles within organizations such as Capital H Group LLC and other advisory firms.

Client Teams

Our client teams possess the specialized knowledge and experience needed to maximize our clients’ health insurance savings. The teams consist of a lead consultant, associates, highly skilled data analysts, and subject matter experts in areas such as medical, administration, operations, information technology, pharmacy, actuarial and nursing.