Cheryl Edwards, MSW, PHD
Executive Client Optimization Officer
  • Experience : 30 Years

Skill Expertise

Dr. Edwards offers multi-disciplinary insight into Optimatum’s vendor management solution model. Her focus is to eliminate inefficiencies and advance cost containment by utilizing company data-driven solutions to strategically align stakeholders and vendors. Her thought leadership drives innovation and strategies to help clients solve complex relationships with healthcare vendors. The insight and guidance she provides results in a substantially improved, cost effective client/vendor relationship, while delivering quality outcomes targeted to reduce costs while advancing efforts to improve population health and wellness

Dr. Edwards is a clinical consultant with 30+ years of experience in healthcare, data analytics, absence and disability management, utilization management, consulting and direct clinical practice. She has advised Fortune 100 companies across sectors on population health management, workplace productivity, behavioral health strategies and social determinants of health initiatives in the self-insured marketplace.  She has a proven record of advancing care management and coordination program designs; operational program delivery (including development of call center processes surrounding stress management and work scheduling, vendor integration protocols, operational management metrics, staff training, customer service); clinical reporting (clinical outcomes, effectiveness of interventions and behavior change impact) and program evaluation (clinical outcomes impact on medical costs and trend).

Dr. Edwards holds a Bachelor of Arts degree from the University of Connecticut, a Master’s degree in Social Work from Southern CT State University, and a PhD in Public Health, Epidemiology from Walden University.