Driving Operational Efficiency Through Vendor Accountability

Optimatum is the leading vendor management firm for the HR Supply Chain. Since 2007, we deliver robust solutions in the areas of Employer Sponsored Healthcare, Retirement, HR Systems and M&A/Transitional Services.

Our end-to-end solutions answer the most pressing issues faced by employers in HR today, improving financial and operational plan performance through forensic analysis, vendor relationship realignment and ongoing vendor management.

Who We Serve


The second largest expenditure for most organizations is the cost of employee benefit plans. All companies, regardless of size or industry, need to control these costs.

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The primary directive for Human Resources is to attract qualified applicants and retain valued employees. A competitive benefits package is crucial to achieving that objective.

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As a Sourcing executive, you are responsible for acquiring and managing the products and services that your company uses on a daily basis.Third parties administer these services little oversight.

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Internal Audit

Internal Audit is about driving efficiency, effectiveness and control in the business. In the HR Supply Chain, opportunities abound in vendor management processes.

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What We Do

We provide a full spectrum of services, ranging from end-to-end point solutions through the following business segments:

Employer Sponsored Healthcare

Drives value through managing vendors to improve processes and reduce costs, enabling organizations to hold vendors accountable in lieu of traditional cost shifting. Delivers an average healthcare savings opportunity of 10% in year one, with 5-7% year over year.

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M&A/Transitional Services

Supports the HR supply chain and related workstreams of organizations through the entire M&A lifecycle. It deploys a fully integrated, cross-functional team of subject matter experts in the areas of Employer Sponsored Healthcare, Retirement Plans, and HR Systems to ensure day one readiness.

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HR Systems

Realigns vendor agreements, reduces direct costs, ensures data integrity and troubleshoots vendor challenges. Delivers an average savings in excess of 22% of total costs through vendor agreement renegotiation, vendor relationship realignment and vendor service fee realignment.

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Eligibility Optimization

The perception is that eligibility data is maintained accurately, that all the data naturally passes from systems, vendors and carriers, and that any discrepancies that might develop are not material.

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Retirement Plans

Optimatum’s approach focuses on right sizing vendor relationships, reducing direct costs, mitigating compliance risk and troubleshooting vendor challenges.

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