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Does your health plan’s coverage align with your digital medicine philosophy?

A recent brief on the future of health published by the American Medical Association (AMA) in 2023 found a large discrepancy in the coverages of digital medicine services across the commercial health plan marketplace..

Retirement plan lawsuits scaled

Retirement Plan Lawsuits Dominate The Headlines

The hottest trend in the 401(K) arena is not an exciting new product, but rather, a worrisome spike 401(K) lawsuits against plan fiduciaries.

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Everybody is Talking About Weight-loss Drugs

When it comes to anti-obesity drugs, employers are facing what feels like an insurmountable challenge.


Warren Buffett Recognizes the Power of Harmonization

When addressing the now disbanded US healthcare initiative with Amazon, JP Morgan and Berkshire Hathaway, Warren Buffett…

COVID-19 Public Health Emergency

COVID-19 Public Health Emergency To End on May 11, 2023

Employer Sponsored Health Plan Planning for the end of the Covid-19 Public Health Emergency on May 11, 2023


The Human Capital Landmine

Prevent M&A failure due to HR factors through frequent and proactive communication, addressing operational issues and establishing a new unified culture.


CAA H&W Service Provider Fees

408(b)(2)(B) Disclosure Rules Take Effect for Contracts Signed in 2022.


Medical Marijuana Research Act

It paves the way for more FDA Approved Marijuana-Based Medications: Impact on Employer Sponsored Healthcare


Consolidated Appropriations Act (CAA) Reporting

CAA is a new federal reporting regulation that requires health insurers offering group or individual health coverage and self-funded group health plans.


Telehealth, is This What the Doctor Ordered?

Telehealth’s best role is to compliment and augment face-to-face care, not replace it.


Retirement Plan Lawsuits Now Implicating 403(b) Plans

Over the last 10 years, there has been a rise in breach of fiduciary duty lawsuits against 401(k) plans including recent large payouts.


Maryland Passes Time to Care Act for Paid Leave

If you have employees that reside in Maryland, you should be aware that paid leave legislation has recently been enacted.


An Update on Coronavirus Policy in 2022

COVID–19 and the respective variants are still infecting individuals, including those that are vaccinated, boosted and have already had COVID-19.


401(k) Plan Lawsuits Continue to Make Headlines

Since 2015, when employees accused Boeing of mismanagement, there’s been an alarming rise in complaints against 401k plan management.


COVID-19 And Behavioral Health Indicators

As we enter the tenth month of the pandemic, the socio-emotional impact of COVID-19 on businesses continues to take its toll.


How Companies are Holding Health Care Costs In Check​

While tackling health care costs, employers will also be dealing with the instability of a slowly recovering economy this year.​


COVID-19 Vaccine Approval Brings New Opportunities

Employers can now mandate that employees receive the COVID-19 vaccination and can provide incentives to their employees.


How Engaging Employees ​Benefits Your Business

Companies succeed when employees are rewarded for going above and beyond for customers. We discuss how to bring out your employees’ best efforts.


Listen to Us Speak on the Challenges Within M&A​

This week, our Chief Executive Officer, David M. Neikrug, discusses robust HR management within any M&A environment across the deal lifecycle.


Enumerating the Issues with Company Wellness Programs

In today’s business environment, offering a wellness program is becoming more standardized. Here’s what you need to know about offering one.