What We Do

What We Do

Optimatum drives operational efficiency, reducing costs by holding vendors accountable. Our turnkey solutions create value for organizations in financial and operational disciplines by optimizing vendor relationships, empowering accountability, ensuring plan and regulatory compliance, and optimizing expense management.

Optimatum delivers through solutions in the areas of Employer Sponsored Healthcare, Retirement, HR Systems and M&A/Transitional Services. Our all-encompassing end-to-end solutions answer the most pressing issues faced by employers in HR today, improving financial and operational plan performance through forensic analysis, ensuring compliance through documented and auditable plan descriptions and administrative processes, vendor relationship realignment and ongoing vendor management to drive that vendor accountability.

Practice Areas:

Retirement Plans

  • Rightsizing vendor relationships
  • Reduction of direct costs
  • Troubleshooting vendor challenges
  • Reduction of compliance risk

Employee Sponsored Healthcare

  • Management of vendors to improve processes and reduce costs through:
  • Medical Management
  • Subrogation/Third Party Liability
  • Pharmacy/Rx/PBM
  • Plan Housekeeping/ Administration
  • Ensuring vendor accountability in lieu of traditional cost shifting

HR Systems

  • Realignment of vendor agreements
  • Reduction of direct costs
  • Ensuring data integrity
  • Troubleshooting vendor challenges

M&A/Transitional Services

  • Support of the HR work stream through entire M&A lifecycle
  • Deployment of cross-functional team of Subject Matter Experts in:
  • Employer-sponsored Healthcare
  • Retirement Plans
  • HR Systems